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{ The best place for any aerial photographer or FPV enthusiast }

Welcome to 7G SPORTS!
We offer you

  • high-quality and tested products
  • consultancies about existing or new models
  • configuration of new models
  • repair and upgrade of drones
  • aerial video shots
  • friendly meetings for a flight and even more
  • drone racings


Club-shop for flying and new sports

Call us at +359 878 528 144 skype: ask.7gsports 

Prices and payment

The following payment options are available:

  • payment via bank transfer - the USER/GUEST USER is required to transfer the final amount specified in the order to the provided bank account. It is recommended to add the order number as a reason for payment.
  • payment via PayPal - ONLY FOR ORDER UNDER 3000 EUR - the USER/GUEST USER pays the PayPal to an account with an e-mail address office@warehouse.bg, managed by “Warehouse.BG” Ltd. For this purpose the user may use his/her already existing PayPal account or pay directly using the available payment options in PayPal without necessarily creating an account.

The currency used in the SITE is Euro (EUR). If other currencies are indicated, the USER/GUEST USER should take those only as information.

Prices can be changed at any time by the COMPANY, which will be shown on the SITE. Orders placed and confirmed before a price change shall remain unchanged. The products prices in the order are checked and confirmed while being processed by a "7G SPORTS" representative and in the presence of a difference a notification will be sent to the USER/GUEST USER. The USER has the right to decide whether he/she agrees with the given amount or will decline the order.

Protection while using the SITE

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The SITE contains links to other resources on the Internet which may be property to third parties. The Company bears no liability for the information published in external websites. If a certain link leads to a resource including an Internet page, document, video or anything else that is against the customer, the customer needs to contact the COMPANY. The COMPANY will analyse the issue and could take measures if the issue is well-grounded.